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Finding five-star shrub and tree trimming service in beautiful Oklahoma City, Oklahoma no longer is difficult. That’s because Special T is available. If you’re interested in impeccable shrubs and trees, our company can assist you. We can assist those who are interested in remarkable and friendly customer service, too.

Our shrub and tree trimming work is highly beneficial. It can get rid of branches that are dying or that have diseases. It can encourage other existing plants to thrive and grow strong. It can make your landscape look neat, tidy and welcoming to all. It can even make your property significantly safer. Overgrown trees can be hazards because they can come in contact with power lines and therefore trigger outages. There’s no disputing that our shrub and tree trimming services offer many potential advantages.

Our staff members are extensively trained and knowledgeable shrub and tree trimming aficionados. They understand the goals of landscaping. They know how to help customers achieve yards that are meticulous, tidy, healthy and attractive. They’re committed to giving our customers exactly what they want at all times, too. If you’re looking for shrub and tree trimming assistance from people who have genuine expertise, you can count on Special T.

Special T isn’t only an excellent company for people looking for leading shrub and tree trimming work. It’s also a terrific company for people who are serious about exceptional customer service. Our employees are a genial, dedicated and patient group of people who always aim for the best. Call us today.

What Others Say About Us


“Kyle has been taking care of my yard for the last year and
I couldn’t be happier with the quality of his work. I shopped around before committing to one company. After doing my research I am incredibly glad I chose Special T Landscaping.
I never realized my yard could look so great. His turn around time, solid business ethic, and excellent customer service are why I recommend Special T Landscaping to my family and friends.”
Brandon James
“Special t landscaping provides an out most professional customer services in landscaping. Kyle is a great guy and does an amazing job on your landscape and lawn care needs. I definitely recommend to hire special t landscaping.”
Mike Cook

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