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Mulch is a layer of various organic material types that can be applied to the surface of the soil.  There are many reasons why using mulch is important for the health of your landscaping pieces like flower beds, trees, and plant beds. Mulch improves growth, conserves moisture in the soil, and reduces weed growth and expansion.

Although it may not always be organic in nature, mulch is a very important part of your landscape maintenance and should be considered to ensure that the productivity of your soil stays top-notch.  Hiring a professional landscaping company to provide you mulching services may be the right choice as they know all there is to know about mulch and how it can help you. They can recommend the best option for you when you’re ready to add mulching to your landscape.

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Mulch Controls Weed Growth

Mulch prevents weeds from growing and spreading throughout your flower beds, gardens, plant beds, and tree areas.

Mulch Reduces Soil Compaction

This is a great way to keep your soil healthy, loose, and moist.  There are many types of mulch to choose from depending on your situation and the ideal look and design of your landscape.

Mulch Promotes Nutrition

Your soil needs to stay healthy with lots of nutrients in order to keep your plants, shrubs, and trees healthy.  Mulch is a great way to ensure this happens as they are loaded with the nutrients your soil needs to stay happy and healthy all year long.

Mulching is a great way to keep your plant bed or flower bed healthy and looking great throughout the year.  For your next mulching service consider Special T Landscaping.


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