Your newly installed landscape design is only the tip of the iceberg. At Special T Landscaping, we understand that every type of grass and plant species has a different growth pattern and climate adaptability. We take pride in our work, and we are dedicated to helping you with your landscaping maintenance.

Together, we’ll customize a maintenance plan that’s focused on sustaining the health of your lawn while simultaneously highlighting its natural beauty. Throughout the year, our highly skilled landscaping team will assist you with everything from design to maintenance . We want to work with you to help keep your property lush and lively year round.


Landscape Design & Installation in Edmond, OK

At Special T Landscaping, we are proud to provide our clients with only the very best in customer service every time. We take pride in always being professional, honest, and dependable. No matter what the situation, we will value you as a customer, and will make sure that your landscaping meets your needs.

 Landscape Maintenance in Edmond, OK

Special T is proud to help customer in and around Edmond with all of their landscaping needs. We are happy to provide quality customer service at all times. Our professionals will work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with everything that we do. If you have any questions, someone is standing by to assist you in a helpful and friendly manner. Our company cares about your needs.

Tree & Shrub Trimming in Edmond, OK

Finding five-star shrub and tree trimming service in beautiful Edmond no longer is difficult. That’s because Special T is available. If you’re interested in impeccable shrubs and trees, our company can assist you. We can assist those who are interested in remarkable and friendly customer service, too.

Lawn Maintenance in Edmond, OK

Special T is proud to help customer in and around Edmond with all of their landscaping needs. We are happy to provide quality customer service at all times. Our professionals will work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with everything that we do.

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Services We Provide

Sustaining your landscape’s aesthetic and health depends on a variety of factors, from the soil you use to the climate. In addition to first class landscape design, installation and maintenance, here’s a look at a few of the services Special T Landscaping offers.

Tree and Shrub Trimming and Pruning

Tree and shrub trimming can be a tedious process, but it’s a necessary aspect of landscaping maintenance. Over time, your trees and shrubs can become stunted due to disease or ailments, weakening your branches.

Our team of master arborists will trim and prune your shrubs, bringing them back to life. We use state-of-the-art techniques that will improve air circulation and sunlight absorption in each branch and stem. This process will lessen the chance of disease, aid in pest control, and improve seasonal flowering.

Lawn Aeration and Dethatching

Whether your grass thrives in the cooler or summer months, it will experience thatch and compaction. Our aeration and dethatching services will ensure that your lawn receives relief from compaction. We’ll remove dead grass and soil to improve your lawn’s water absorption cycle and intake of vital nutrients.


Mowing your grass comes down to an exact science. If you cut your grass too low, it leaves behind jagged edges—which is a welcomed environment for disease—and will cause sunburning. If you don’t have the right blade or use the right mower height, it can ruin your curb appeal and leave your lawn open to unwanted critters.

Special T Landscaping’s experienced lawn care team can help you keep your grass neat and tidy. Depending on your needs, we will schedule a time to come to your property and care for your grass each week. We only use the best equipment on the market, ensuring that your lawn continues to thrive and grow year round.


Although your soil keeps your grass and plants healthy, it’s not enough to sustain it all year. Depending on your plant species, inadequate fertilization can lead to unhealthy and overgrown plants. Special T Landscaping can supply your lawn, plants, trees, and shrubs with fertilizer that’s essential to its growth.


Many property owners don’t realize that they’re watering their lawns during the wrong time. For example, watering in the afternoon allows more water to evaporate, and evening watering can cause fungus to develop thanks to the cool air.

Our team will work with you to determine the best time for you to water your plants. We’ll show you tricks to watering and the best practices for keeping your grass and shrubs hydrated during growing and dormant seasons. Additionally, we’ll provide you with information on water irrigation systems that would work best for your landscaping needs.

Weed Control

Weeds are frustrating and can ruin the aesthetic of a manicured lawn or garden. Weed seeds lie dormant throughout your yard, not leaving any indication they’re lurking around your precious plants and grass.

Sprouting weeds can get out of control. Whether you have a dandelion, Dutch clover, or crabgrass problem, we can help. Our team specializes in weed control, and we’ll tackle the issue at the source. We’ll also take preventative measures to ensure that they don’t return.

Let Us Help with Your Landscaping Needs

Whether it be through design alterations or seasonal changes, your lawn and plants will change. At Special T Landscaping, our goal is to provide our customers with landscaping options they can enjoy for years to come. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team only uses the best products and equipment to produce the best results.

We want to collaborate with you to tailor a maintenance plan that will fit your schedule and budget. For more information on our landscaping services or to schedule an appointment, call us today. Our friendly staff members will be glad to help you get started on your project.

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Special T Landscaping prides itself on providing the Norman community with its lawn care needs. Our team is ready to work with you to draft a plan that tells the world about your unique style through the art of landscaping.

For more information on our services or to schedule a consultation, contact us today. One of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to guide you through the planning process and get started on your new outdoor look.

What We Offer

Whether you’re investing in a new property or revamping your current home, our landscaping technicians can help you with your lawn care needs. Our team of experienced landscapers will assess your property and develop a plan to help you get your lawn looking razor sharp. We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Landscape design and installation
  • Tree shrub and trimming
  • Lawn and landscape maintenance

Special T Landscaping believes in going the extra mile. We carefully monitor each project and will treat your property to ensure that your lawn remains healthy. This process is important to maintaining the outdoor aesthetic of your home.

Online Scheduling

The power of the internet has allowed us to offer our clients access to our services. Our online scheduling option allows you to share your project needs with us. It gives us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with your project and quote you a fair estimate. We’ll email you a direct quote and give you scheduling options that work for you. In addition, all of our invoices are sent to you via email with easy online payment options.

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Benefits of Routine Landscape Maintenance

Lawn maintenance takes a great deal of care, and often homeowners go through a frustrating, vicious cycle of trial and error. With Special T Landscaping’s help, you can leave your maintenance worries behind and let us take over the mowing and pruning. We enjoy doing the heavy lifting and helping you reap one (or all) of the following great benefits.

Prevents Disease

Your grass is nature’s filtration system, trapping particles and pesticides to prevent them from leaking into Earth’s aquifers. Regular lawn maintenance prevents that from occurring and strengthens your grass. This process prevents attacks from common diseases and protects our underground water supply.

Pest Control

Your lawn and plants are full of pests you may not see. Overgrown lawns, trees, and shrubs prevent your plants from absorbing the nutrients they need. It gives these little critters something to feed on. Well-manicured lawns, along with pruned bushes and shrubs, will keep your plants safe from irreversible damage.

Substantial Oxygen Source

Your landscape’s grass and shrubbery naturally absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful toxins that can be detrimental to your health. A healthy lawn or trimmed trees can provide enough oxygen for up to 24 hours for a family of four.


The beautiful thing about a landscaping design is that it can be anything you need it to be. Whether you’re building a place of adventure for the kids or a peaceful escape for you, your design is unique to your style. A relaxing, tranquil outdoor environment can be a mood booster and a great place to entertain your family and friends.

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“Kyle has been taking care of my yard for the last year and
I couldn’t be happier with the quality of his work. I shopped around before committing to one company. After doing my research I am incredibly glad I chose Special T Landscaping.
I never realized my yard could look so great. His turn around time, solid business ethic, and excellent customer service are why I recommend Special T Landscaping to my family and friends.”
Brandon James
“Special t landscaping provides an out most professional customer services in landscaping. Kyle is a great guy and does an amazing job on your landscape and lawn care needs. I definitely recommend to hire special t landscaping.”
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